A multi-disciplinary infosecurity expert and one of the world’s most prominent security professionals, I’ve been with Kaspersky Lab since 2002. Starting from 2005 I’ve been acting as a head of its anti-malware research group, which specializes on mobile threats analysis. In 2008, I founded the Global Research & Analysis Team (GReAT), having led the unit for two years before becoming Chief Security Expert of Kaspersky Lab in 2010.
After leaving the company in 2018 I’ve been focusing on private consulting, technical advisory in cybersecurity area and personal investments. In 2020 rejoined Kaspersky Lab as Chief Technology Expert.
I am willing to provide my expertise and knowledge for venture funds at startup evaluation stage as well as for startups in cybersecurity/fintech/privacy protection areas.


My research areas include deep investigation of new malware, analyzing the most complicated aspect of information security – cyber-espionage and highly targeted attacks, advanced threat actors and attacks, cyber-warfare and cyber-weapons. 

Stuxnet, Duqu, RedOctober, Flame, Gauss, Winnti, Adwind, Sofacy – just a small list of research I was involved in past years.

In addition to complex malware,  I focus on global cybercrime issues, trends and predictions, and corporate threats. My research and analytical articles are published on the related IT sites and can be easily found in the media. I acted as an editor-in-chief of Securelist.com

I’ve spent two years in Singapore, focusing on major local threats affecting the APAC region and helped establishing APAC Global Research & Analysis Team.

Before joining Kaspersky Lab, I held various IT and security related positions in both public and private organizations. I‘ve got involved in anti-malware research in early 1996 when I founded an anti-virus expertise center in the Komi Republic – a large territory in the North-West of Russia. Since 1998 I was also a Project Coordinator of Wildlist Russia – an initiative aimed at collecting and analyzing data about malware outbreaks in the Russian Federation.


I’ve been personally investing for a few years now in dozen startups, partially via such crowdfunding platforms, as BNKToTheFuture, WeFunder or AngelList. My investment portfolio list includes but is not limited to:

Bitstamp ● Series C, January 2017, exited in November 2018 with 437% profit 

Chronicled  ● Seed round, April 2017

BitPesa  ● Series A, January 2017

LiquidPiston  ● Venture Round, February 2015

ShapeShift  ● Series A, March 2017

Synereo  ● Equity crowdfunding, October 2016

MaidSafe  ● Equity crowdfunding, October 2016

TallySticks  ● Seed round, 2016

Storj  ● Seed round, May 2016